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Oking: 12th June 2017.

The news of sudden demise of erstwhile comrade SS. Khaplang on 9th June 2017 has come as a shock to me.

Three days before you left the world, I saw you in my dream waving your hand at me. I thought with heavy heart that I would die soon. But, it turned out the other way.

You had contributed what you could for Nagas. In spite of our human weaknesses and errors we all stood firm at all costs for the cause of the Naga Nationhood.

I still could remember what you said when i visited in 2004 that we should not let leaders of our own Naga Civil Society Organisations, bureaucrats, politicians, intellectuals to dictate and interfere in our long political struggle because those are the same people who had betrayed our leader late A.Z. Phizo, instead, they should just have faith in their leaders who are genuinely struggling for Nagas’ common cause.

I honour your decision to struggle with arms for all Nagas again. Similarlarly I have decided to take up arms for the people but without bloodshed; through peaceful means. I joined the NSCN leadership led by late Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah who have been consistently negotiating with GoI for amicable solution to the Indo-Naga political problem.

I know you have left with a fear that those self proclaimed individual Naga leaders with Indian policy of divide and rule may disrupt Nagas’ common cause for one people, one Nation, but before anything happens, Ato Kilonser TH. Muivah and I, Gen. (retd) Kholi will not allow the Nagas to be divided as: Arunachal Nagas, Assam Nagas, Manipur Nagas, Myanmar Nagas and Nagaland Nagas.

I joined the bereaved family members of late leader in their sorrowful and painful moment. And pray that the merciful God Almighty would give them solace and also grant a blissful rest to the departed soul.


Gen.  (retd) Kholi.

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