Ato Kilonser message to the Sumis

                                 Oking 18/1/2014


 I am writing this message to the Sumi people today, particularly the Sumi Aphuyemi Kukami Hoho (SAKH) – the Apex organization of Sumi  Aphuyemi representing the Pughoboto area and all others conscientious Sumi brothers and sisters for the wisdom you have displayed during the treacherous situation that crossed the threshold of your homeland recently which led to the unfortunate evacuation of our designated camp at Mukalimi that was mutually agreed with the Government of India in the current Indo-Naga cease-fire period with the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN).

Let me say that political understanding and vision is indispensable to a nation’s survival. History will remember and respect the courage you have displayed in standing single-handedly for the cause of our nation.

I can humbly claim that I know the Sumis well. They are one of the talented and gifted tribe amongst the Nagas. It is known to all that the Sumis from the Pughoboto area and others have stood fearlessly in dire circumstances and steered clear from the anti-Naga people’s aspiration, including the 1975 Shillong Accord and the formation of the so called “Unification” faction that was a serious breach  to the national trust.

The decision taken by you is most precious to our history. And today you have proved yourself in spite of the grim situation created by few persons with vested interest that has unwittingly become the joy of our adversaries. You have stood your ground on national principle. History will remember with honour the act of valor taken by you in the right time and saved the present and future glory of our people. Yes, you refused to be misguided by any treacherous elements. This wise decision to uphold the national interest is once again being demonstrated by you. All the sensible Naga people are surely proud of the decisive and significant decision taken by you.

I once again on behalf of the Collective Leadership convey our sincere and deepest appreciation to the Sumi Aphuyemi Kukami Hoho (SAKH) representing the Pughoboto area and all others conscientious Sumi brothers and sisters for the bold and courageous stand you have shown for the cause of our people.


Th. Muivah

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