Agony day Message

Message of Tongmeth Wangnao Co-Convener of steering committee NSCN on the occasion of 22nd National Agony Day 27th Sept. 2012

Dear comrades in common cause, ladies and gentlemen,
I, on behalf of the collective leadership stand before you to share in grief with the near and dear ones of our departed brothers and sisters who have laid down their lives at the altar of Naga nation. Over the years, thousands of precious lives have been martyred for the sacred cause. Today, we remember them all in lamentation. The supreme sacrifice they have made shall always be in our fond memory in days to come.

It was on this day, the 27th September 1980 when about a hundreds Naga national workers including chaplee kilonser, commander-in-chief, GSO and other high ranking Naga army officers were killed by the combined forces of NNC, India and Burma at Langnok. In other different incidents, a score of Naga army were arrested and butchered at the behest of the so-called NNC Oking at transit camp, Kohima. It was really a tragic story for the Nagas. The military coup staged on 30th August 1978 was plotted by the signatories of the Shillong Accord of NNC in connivance with the Assam Rifles authorities at Chakhama.

Drunk with the wine of treason, they killed many national workers and even innocent civilians including women and children on fabricated allegations. Besides, more Nagas perished in the hands of people’s militia of Nagaland, the armed wing of NNC of the Shillong Accord in 1988, Nagas witnessed another tragedy in the history of our national resistance movement. SS Kaplang in collusion with the adversaries, staged to abortive military coup in which more than two hundred national workers were mercilessly slaughtered. Among them were chaplee kilonser, revenue kilonser, deputy kilonser, deputy Longvibu and GSO of Naga army and other officers. It is painful reality to accept that many of our national revolutionaries fell victims to the hands of the betrayals. At no point of time, enemies under any command of their proficient generals with modern weaponry have ever succeeded in liquidating such a big number of top ranking national leaders throughout their decades of aggressors.
On the top of that, Nagas are the national victims of the Indians and Burmese (Myanmar) occupation forces in the hands of the ruthless aggressors. Among them some were killed and some others were tortured to death or burnt alive or raped to death.

Thousands of women have been widowed and thousand children were orphaned by the cruel war. At length, every Naga family has a tragic story to tell to the world. The post traumatic syndrome of this ruthless army atrocity is still borne by the young generation.

Let his be known to the whole world that Nagas have been groaning for decades under the oppressive rule of the aliens. All those fallen Nagas whether killed by the enemies or their lackeys, are martyrs for a cause. We know the enemies have come into our country in many forms. We have ceasefire with India but fighting and killing still continue unabated. Why? Making a Naga fight against another Naga, a group against another group or inciting communalism in one tribe against the other is nothing but a part of the enemies counter revolutionary plan, what they call counter insurgency strategy under their colonial and neo-colonial policies. However, India and Burma should understand that killing Nagas could never kill the issue of the Nagas; it will only backfire.

Fellow workers, we have nothing to fear our enemies. It is they, who will be the losers, not we. We have nothing to lose hope and there is no question of going back, because we are vision oriented people. We shall keep on marching towards our cherished goal. No force and power on earth can stop or pull back the wheels of our movement for freedom.
In remembrance of the martyrs, we observe this Agony Day. They had hate everything they had for our freedom and what we are today is because of their supreme sacrifice, their good name is history.


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