“Press Communique for the Unconditional Release of Anthony Ningkhan Shimray”

14 February 2012

The ‘campaign for the unconditional release of anthony‘ once again demand for the unconditional release of Anthony Ningkhan Shimray, Head of Foreign Affairs, National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) who is a key person in the Indo-Naga peace talk.

Anthony Ningkhan Shimray  had participated in the peace talks as part of the negotiating team at least seven times in the past, including meetings in India and it is unacceptable that despite all these he was arrested while on his way to attend another round of peace talk at Delhi.

We have been carrying out various forms of demonstration protesting his abduction and subsequent imprisonment as we believe that isolating him from the peace process is a pressure tactic of the Goverment of India to derail the peace talks.

We ask the Government of India under such an atmosphere of suspicion and veiled penal threats how can we expect a solution to the Naga issue which would be mutually acceptable, honourable and long lasting?

We reaffirm our support for Anthony Ningkhan Shimray and will continue to protest till he is unconditionally released.

Gina Sangkham

Secretary General

Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights


Aram Pamei


Naga Women’s Union


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