The missing points about Naga in Myanmar

VawMung Kim.:    20 June. 2014

After reading both statement released by MrNiki and the Naga MPs from Myanmar on Nagaland Post respectively, some thinking come into my mind and I cannot help myself from writing this as some kind of reflection, with no bias. This, hopefully, highlights the ground reality existing among the Eastern Naga people in Myanmar, unless people would hide the truth away from their own very heart.
In their rejoinder released on Nagaland Post on 13th June, entitled Myanmar Nagas, mps condemn niki’s statement and nscn (K) move, they have correctly highlighted the need for peace and development in the Naga region, and also they have correctly pointed out that the Naga people of Myanmar are now off from old life when they once live under the tyrannical leadership. Also, they seem to correctly point out that NSCN-K has engaged in the most critical process for peace and political settlement with the GoM, gifting all the armed groups development package or Secondhand JP Cars. Despite all these, they seem to ignore the following points in their statement released as rejoinder to the statement of MrNiki.
• The fact that they are not properly elected by the real people of the Naga communities in Myanmar, and therefore many people believe that they are not true representatives of the Naga public (but people don’t speak out this though!). Everyone knows how they got elected during the 2010s and on this, NSCN is also considered by some Naga fellows not sincere due to their public acknowledgement to vote the USDP by then, although they are now being criticized by the ones they supported once.
• The fact that the struggle for the Naga sovereignty is the internationalized political conflict, not just some of kind of infamous guerrilla fight in the jungle
• There is no notable progress, both infrastructure and socioeconomic life of the Naga people in Myanmar since the time they step into the Parliaments. Empty In-Empty Out is the only truth for the Naga to date!
• The fact that they should be initiating more strategic position and frameworks for peace and development of the Naga region rather than complaining the armed group. Such position should try to acknowledge civic engagement between various stakeholders to restructure the common position of the Naga people as a whole.
• The fact that they were/are the ruling authorities during some years ago back under the tyrannical reign of SPDC. Many of the Naga churches, pastors, and villages were burned down/block/tortured/or faced some kind of human rights violations across the Naga region, and still smoke are coming out of the ashes of the burned Churches or the cries of the fleeing people can still be heard somewhere in the jungle of Naga region. All these happened during these people are in power, absolutely ruling the Naga region. (but the decent Naga people forgive and forget all these!)
• The fact that Naga people have good memories though mostly uneducated to others, from which they can always review what have happened in their life and what to choose for their future.
• The fact that they don’t even get along among themselves and they are being acknowledged by the public recently to be united. So, Please Do-No-Harm!
This is neither a criticism nor a collective voice of the whole Naga people living in Myanmar. But this is just a simple rejoinder to the latest one reflecting the ground reality and many insights of most average Naga people, most of whom living on the illegal land as labels in the Land Law of the Union of Myanmar.

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