Clarification to the press statement issued by 18th Assam Rifles

Parents clarification in apropos to the press statement issued by 18th Assam Rifle on 9th December 2014.

In pursuance with the press statement of the 18th AR dated 9th Dec. 2014, the concern and parents of those persons whose presence with the Regional Authorities were levelled as detained unlawfully by the NSCN hereby give clarification for better understanding and transparency to the misconception and allegation that were made against the Asalu Zeliangrong Region we have willingly handed our sons under their guidance as we were having problems in dealing and nourishing at home as they were difficult to be dealt with, and with a prayer to see them lead a good and normal life, we lay complete responsibility to the Asalu Region to mould them harvest a better life.

Signed- Dated: Mr. K. Chuilo, Dated: 10/12/14

On behalf of the parents of Jalukie town,



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