Clarification on the nasty propaganda of the 18th Assam rifles

Clarifying to the Naga people on the nasty unsubstantiated propaganda stunt of the 18th Assam Rifle dated 9th December, 2014.

Dated: 12th December, 2014.

In the early morning at 3.30 am on 7th December, the 18th Assam Rifle raided the Mess of Asalu Zeliangrong Region in Jalukie town. Feeling the disturbances made by the Assam Rifle, civil societies like Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland, Women society, Zeliangrong student’s union(N), Jalukie town youth, GB Union, Chairman and GB ‘s of Ward 9, intellectuals leaders and people of Jalukie town gathered and intercede the raid.

It is clarified that Mr. Siraj apprehended by the youths of stadium colony for continuously snooping around the ladies residents with the obvious intention to harm womenfolk despite umpteen warnings by the stadium colony youth. Therefore, on the fateful night of December 6, he was caught and beaten up by the youths for moving around the vicinity where he was warned not to visit at 11.30 pm. Secondly, Mr. Ranghinglakpe of Ndunglwa Village is a weed addict and mentally affected because of it. Thirdly Mr. Agumbe is a habitual drunkard who creates problem at home every day. Fourthly both Mr. James from Tamenglong and Izipeu from the stadium colony are drug addicts and are confined in our custody for rehabilitation. Finally the under age child as mentioned by wolves in sheep clothing (Assam Riffles) is a student relatives of Heiding Hoi, Steering Committee member. It must be known to all that, NSCN in order to clean the health and morality of the Naga people does run such a detention and rehabilitation centre and it is the parents who send their children to the centre for correction and reformation.

The irony of the press release made by the Assam Rifle is their sudden concern for human rights violation basing on United Nations Charters and Convention which their government is of course a namesake signatory to keep the developed countries in good humour. We want to question the Assam Rifle if they have the guts to mention the United Nations Charters on human Rights, why are they here uninvited in Naga country armed with the draconian law like AFSPA and Disturbed Area Act? Does this laws and Act authorized by the United Nations on Human Rights? Are you not synonymous in any of the international forum for human rights as a ‘mother of terrorist on human rights”, rapist and so forth? Is not 60 years of raping the rights of Naga human rights and value not enough for you to learn a simple understanding of the word “SELF INSTROSPECTION”? Teaching about human rights to the Nagas is but not only the end limit of shamelessness but a direct insult to the sentiments of the Naga people whose history with India is but only blood and tears.

It is also equally disturbing to know that one Maj. Vivek of the Assam Rifle posted in Pfutsero has been randomly frisking around the town without any respect to the people of pfutsero and thereby undermining the Cease Fire Ground Rules (CFMG). Such act of arrogance is best avoided during the time when the Nagas are all set to welcome the birth of “Prince of Peace”.




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