picsOking: 12/03/2016 I thank the Almighty God that in His mercy and love I am alive and safe today. I joined the Naga National cause in 1956 and have been faithful to the cause and I am still committed to contribute myself to the cause of the Naga Nation and her people. I have realized and taken the right decision Read more

Response to Rahul Gandhi

Press release: Oking: 4th March, 2016. MIP-NSCN/GPRN Responding to Mr. Rahul Gandhi: Nagas are shocked to learn that the Vice President of the Congress party of India Mr. Rahul Gandhi could not still fathom the seriousness of Indo-Naga political conflict which has been dragging on for more than 7 decades. The manner in which he expresses his position to the Read more

37th NSCN Raising Day Speech

SPEECH OF MR. RH. RAISING, KILO KILONSER ON THE 37THNSCN RAISING DAY CELEBRATION, 31ST JANUARY 2016. With the signing of the Shillong Accord on 11thNovember 1975, the future of the Nagas was placed in a very dangerous situation of subjugation and annexation by the Indian state. The history of the Nagas would have been sealed in the coffin of the Read more

Message to the Naga people

Oking : 30/09/2015 My dear Naga people. We have come to the very important juncture of our history once again and it is a time for us all to take a decisive decision for the sake of our future. We know and believe that God certainly has a portion for us here on earth and so, the time is here Read more

Close to common meeting point: Muivah

New Delhi, August 24 : The Indian government and the Nagas have come close to a common meeting point following the signing of a framework peace agreement earlier this month, NSCN-IM general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah has said. “We are also coming closer to the meeting point which is yet to be finalised,” he said in an interview published in the Read more

Speech of the Yaruiwo on the 69th Independence Day

PRAISE THE LORD!                             PRAISE THE LORD!                           PRAISE THE LORD! My beloved people, I thank the Almighty God for giving me this opportunity once again to greet you all on this historic day. I also thank all of you for your unwavering support and unceasing prayers for the cause in all weathers. History will ever speak of how Read more