Historic ceasefire incident at Mao gate

Historic ceasefire incident at Mao gate
In the light of problem arising out of backtracking, the Government of India commitment by barring the NSCN Supremo, Thuingalen Muivah’s entry into his Native home land by Manipur state security forces following the cabinet’s decision of the Manipur Government headed by Okram Ibobi Singh, Chief Minister of Manipur, is viewed to be one of the most undemocratic and without political wisdom on the part of the Government of India. The GoI has miserably failed to deal with the state government in appropriate manner according to its commitment in the eye of the world as a nation. The whole world community was so surprised over the question of ceasefire coverage jurisdiction or so called territorial limit raised by the puppet Manipur government. That is to be appropriately answerable by the GoI not only to the neighbouring states govt. but also to the whole world. It is the problem of the Govt. of India not of the Nagas, because the Naga people have done nothing wrong against anybody.
Let the world community judge as to how ceasefire term and condition should be applied as far as Naga political issue is concerned. The GoI should bear full responsibility for its consequence. With and under what system and rule of authority, a citizen’s entry or exit from his/her native place is legally to ban? Th. Muivah, the General Secretrary of NSCN (IM) is allowed to go outside the country by virtue of ceasefire agreement. Whereas he is not permissible to go to his home land, the birth place in Manipur. The question of whether he is a criminal or not doesn’t arise. But whether his own birth home is within the purview of the ceasefire coverage between the GoI and the NSCN as two entities? If the GoI always keeps on shifting its commitment and stand whenever her neighbouring states or unscrupulous individuals or groups object or stand on the way of progress for solution to the Naga political problem, then nothing can be achieved even if it involves so many years in talk. Look, the GoI seems to be not having any authority to rein in the Manipur state Govt. and allow the Manipuris to stand on the way of solution of the two entities.
The Nagas feel disappointed very much to see over all the situation and system prevailing in the country. The Naga people were completely landed into confusion stage and frustration at the Mao Gate incident on 6th May 2010 where two innocent students lives were lost. Any democratic agitation or protest against the excessive or arbitrary action meted out to the community, individual or citizens, the Govt. of the people should listen to the grieved parties voice and sort out the differences in democratic ways but not through blood shed or violence. After bloodshed, AMUCO and UCM the so called two Meiteis apex bodies of Manipur appeal for peaceful coexistence and harmony. They termed the deceased and the protestors are the supporters of NSCN. The two students who sacrificed their lives are the heroes of the Naga Nation. We are the supporters of the Naga Nation issue not any group or individual cause as alleged by the Indians. The two Manipuris Civil bodies are not spearheaded by the sensible leaders of Manipuri as far as their activities concerned are observed carefully.
The territory of Meiteis is not claimed by the Nagas. And the proposed Th.Muivah’s visit to his own land has nothing to do with Manipur’s territorial integrity issue, it is not a personal matter. They should know that no Naga individual or Nagas have intention to break the Manipuris territory. We have our own land given to us by God not by Meiteis. We are just neighbours, need to build warm relationship as friends. We have clear traditional land boundary demarcation. On the pretext of territorial integrity trying to sabotage the Naga peace process by the Meiteis sponsored Govt. Manipur State Govt. is full of corruption, extorting lot of money from the public in the form of bribes. Intending candidates to any vacant posts under any establishment of Manipur Govt. has to pay a huge amount of money to the tainted Ministers, MLAs and State Bureaucrats. Many qualified youths are disappointed and pained for not being able to avail job opportunity in the present state government of Manipur because they are not being selected on merit basis but picked up through bribes and appointed so many unqualified candidates to the vacant posts.
Even the ADC III amendment Act 2008 has been rejected by the hill areas of Manipur state in the event of arbitrary imposition of the stated act, where in the actual democratic rights of the hill people are seriously threatened and therefore the Nagas unanimously resolved not to participate in the forthcoming proposed ADC election of four Naga hills districts of Manipur.
The Hon’ble PM of India stated once that the North Eastern Region people should be given priority for development and be taken care of the region for drastic change in terms of economic development. But in short New Delhi has practically done nothing for the particular region. Instead of having patience (centre govt.) hearing the needy people they have also assured to deploy more forces to have confrontational approach against the Nagas in particular and the Hill people of the region in general along the N/H 53 and 39 as well particularly in Manipur. The central Govt. is expected to calm down and act with a sense of responsibility and maturity by extending helping hand to defuse the tense situation created by Manipur Govt.
Indians are proud of the father of the Nation like Mahatma Gandhiji who truthfully demonstrated his political wisdom by living an exemplary life in politics. But today, none of the leaders are found to be truthful to their words in Indian politics like during the time of Gandhiji. I am nobody to say good or bad about the country of India. Recently, BJP has stated that Manipur’s border is not negotiable, urging the centre to reassure of protecting the state boundary of Manipur and also insisting the Home Minister of India on ban/cancellation permission for Th. Muivah’s visit to his homeland with immediate effect. Nagas are not concerned about permission from anybody or competent authority to go home which is not natural. A citizen can go anywhere in his/her land and stay where he/she desires to do so. Nagas are not going to bargain on anybody’s land border which is out of the issue. The only thing of our desire and aspiration is to leave us alone in order to live peacefully in our own land. We have been watching around as to how the present political dialogue will end up. It is difficult to have confidence in others who are not trustworthy in political dialogue as contending parties.

H Sosü
Social Worker,
Kohima Town

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